Residential Window Cleaning through Vernon, Coldstream, North West Side Road, and Surrounding Areas

Residential Window Cleaning

About Mike's Window Cleaning

You're Supposed To Be Able To Do It All, Right?

Your windows may not be perfect, but it's not like cleaning them is rocket science.

Well, you're right - window cleaning is not rocket science. It's an art form. But a perfectly clean window is the only work of art that is best when it goes completely unnoticed.

See, the real art is the view of this incredible part of the world we live in. It's what you see beyond the window frame. Looking at it through streaked, smudged or foggy windows is like framing a giant photograph that's out of focus.

You need someone who knows how to do windows right.

Windows Are What I Do Best.

Mike Doherty - Owner & Operator,
Mike's Window Cleaning Service

I'm Mike, and my passion is bringing clarity to homeowners in the North Okanagan, one window at a time. For over 20 years I've worked with janitorial services and independently with clients to perfect the art of window cleaning.

I own and operate Mike's Window Cleaning Service, a registered, licensed and insured residential cleaning business that specializes in windows and offers add-on services, such as gutter cleaning and janitorial services.

I professionally clean all your windows by squeegee, then wash the sills, screens and channels. Paint, stickers and bug debris are removed by a wet razor blade and calcium deposits are removed by muratic acid (CLR). I do not use a hose or a brush.

If for some reason a customer is not satisfied, I will immediately fix the problem before collecting payment. I personally guarantee all the work I perform.

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Want To Know More About Me?

I have volunteered as a firefighter and first medical responder for 20 years and am still responding. I also spent 12 years as a volunteer of St. John Ambulance. Being of service to the people in our community is an important part of my life.

I'm also a craftsman and an artist. I built my dream home on Lake Okanagan and have taught non-credit painting and guitar classes at Okanagan College. I bring that attention to detail and efficiency to my work when I clean your windows.

Whom Do You Trust To Come Into Your Home?

  • 24 year volunteer firefighter, first medical responder officer (and still responding) deputy fire chief
  • 12 year volunteer of St. John Ambulance