Residential Window Cleaning through Vernon, Coldstream, North West Side Road, and Surrounding Areas

Residential Window Cleaning


As a Volunteer Firefighter Captain, Safety is definitely a priority

Residential Window Cleaning

Let's face it - you find yourself saying you'll tackle the windows 'next weekend' over and over and over. And when next weekend rolls around? The weather isn't right, something more important pops up, or the idea of dragging a ladder around your house on your day off just seems like something that can wait untilnext weekend.

Every house is unique, so I provide you with a custom estimate based on the level of difficulty of the job. My estimates are very rarely turned down. Why? Because most homeowners are surprised at how reasonable my rates are to clean their windows professionally.

Anyone who has cleaned their own windows knows how many hours it can take to get the job done, but that's because it's not their profession. In a few of hours, I can get done what takes most people a day or even two.

So not only will the windows actually get done, but they will look better and be finished in less time.

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Add-on Services

While I specialize in window cleaning, there are often other jobs homeowners need taken care of. My experience with janitorial services and my ability to safely work from a ladder make it easy and cost-efficient for my clients to ask for those little extras while I'm at their home. Below, you will find a list of some of the add-on services I offer - but if there is something else you need, just ask.

  • Spray & Spiderweb Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Interior Cleanup
  • Glass Railing Cleaning
  • If it requires a ladder, I can assist you in any minor repair or maintenance